How to add/create a product

WP Shop Cart gives you the flexibility to create a product only with a product name and a price or you can add more to it. WP Shop Cart supports product variations and custom fields to receive customers’ instructions for individual products.

Let’s follow the example below and create the product.

WP Shop Cart - Sample Product

To create a new product, go to “Add/Edit Products” from WP Shop Cart’s main menu.
In “Product Details,” enter a product name, price, and sales pitch(optional).

WP Shop Cart - Add Edit Product - Product Details

In “Additional Product Details,” enter product description, choose a product image, and button image from Custom Button Image (only if you want to use your own custom button for the product). Select a category if you have already created a category.

WP Shop Cart - Add Edit Product - Additional Product Details

Click “Save” at the bottom to save the product you have just created and the product will appear in your “Product List” below. It will also appear on your shop page automatically, which has been created by the plugin.

WP Shop Cart - Add Edit Product - Product List

The example above was for a physical product. For a Digital Product you will need to complete an additional section “Digital Product Details”.  To learn more about Digital Product check How to configure a digital product.