How to Configure a Digital Product

WP Shop Cart Shopping Cart plugin allows you to sell digital products and downloads securely from your WordPress site. Digital products can be anything that you can upload to your server such as PDF file, MP3, Zip or Rar file, digital arts or photographs.

WP Shop Cart plugin instantly delivers the digital product securely by an encrypted link to the customer after the payment is complete.

You can save a digital product exactly the same way you will be creating a Physical product and you will also need to complete the section called, “Digital Product Details“.


If the digital file is saved on your computer, then you can simply choose the file, and the plugin will automatically upload it to your server.

If the digital file is already uploaded to your server, or you are using other online storage facilities like Amazon S3, then you can simply enter the URL of the file in the “File URL” field. Customers will never receive the original link of your digital download. WP Shop Cart plugin encrypts the product link for the customers to download while keeping your digital file secure.

By putting a value in the “Download limit“, you can control how many times a customer can download the product using the download link. After the specific time, the download link will expire. If you leave this field empty, then the download link will never expire.

Note: By default, shipping fees do not apply to digital products.