How to create a Coupon Code

WP Shop Cart allows you to generate and issue coupons that may be redeemed by a customer in order to get a discount on their purchase.

Coupons can be redeemable for a fixed amount, i.e. $10 or percentage value of the purchase price, i.e. 5% depending on the conditions you set.

WP Shop Cart plugin has a built in coupon generator to create coupon codes. To create a Coupon go to the Coupons menu, select “Use coupons on checkout” so your customers will be able to use the coupon code on the checkout page. You can still create a coupon without checking the “Use Coupons on Checkout” button but your customers won’t have the option on the checkout page to use the coupon.

You can create a general coupon for all products or specific products. You can control the coupons by entering a redemption limit (how many times a coupon code may be used before it expires), coupon start, and expiration date, or simply make the coupon inactive when the promotion period is over and use it in the future again.

Note: Discounts only get applied to the product price (shipping price does not get discounted). Furthermore, coupons do not stack up. Only one coupon can be applied to the cart so the customers do not abuse the system.