How to Create Product Variations

WP Shop Cart lets you add multiple variations for each product and additional prices for each variation options. A variation could be size, colour, quantity, shape, etc.

Example, you are selling a shoe called “Platform Sandal” which is available in different sizes and colours. You can add two variations called Size and Colour. For each variation, you can have multiple options or values (Yellow, red, blue, Size7, Size8, etc.) and for each option, you can add individual price that adds to the original product price (you can charge your customers additional $5 for Size7 shoes or nothing).

Variations can be added from the Product Variations section.

WP Shop Cart create_product_variation1

Example, “Platform Sandal” has two variations called Size and Colour.
Let’s add the sizes first. So the name of our first variation will be Size, and it comes in three different sizes 7, 8 and 9, which are the values for the variation “Size.”

Enter the Variation name and the value “8″ and if you are not charging anything extra for that value then enter “0” in Price and click “Add Variation” and add other two values exactly the same way.

WP Shop Cart create_product_variation2

After saving the product it will appear like below with the Variation Size and its values.

WP Shop Cart create_product_variation3

Same way add the second variation “Colour”.

Note: Make sure you save the product after adding the Variation and the Values.