How to hide the “Store” page and sub pages from Nav menu

When you activate WP Shop Cart, the plugin automatically creates a page call “Store” with sub pages like “Cart”, “Checkout”, “Webservice” etc. They appear on your Nav menu if you haven’t customised the Nav menu for from the WordPress dashboard.



The products that you add to the plugin will be automatically displayed in the “Store” page. You may want to show the “Store” page but want to hide the sub pages  or remove the “Store” page with the sub pages from the nav menu.

Keep the “Store” page but hide the sub pages from the nav menu

Step1: Go to the “Menus” under “Appearance” from the Dashboard.

Step2: Enter a “Menu Name” and create a menu.


Step3: Select the menu as your primary menu and save it.


Step4: Now add the Pages that you want on your nav menu from the “Pages”. Simply check the box next to “Store” and leave the sub pages unchecked and add them to the menu.



Step5: Save the Menu.

Now refresh your Home page and the “Store” page will appear on the nav menu without the sub pages.


Hide the “Store” Page including the sub pages from the nav menu

Follow all the above steps, in step 4 do not check the “Store” page.


Do not remove/delete/trash the Store page or any of its sub pages. If you have already deleted the pages then simply go to the “Trash” under “Pages” and “Restore” them.