How to set up an Online Shop/Store

How to set up a Shop page

Setting up an online shop is very easy with WP Shop Cart Shopping cart plugin. When you activate the plugin it automatically creates a shop page. All the products that you have created or will create get added to the shop page automatically.

You can either show the products in Grid or List view on your shop page. To control the shop view, go to “Store and Page Settings” under WP Shop Cart’s “Settings” menu.

List View

Grid View:

How to place a product on a Post or a Page

With WP Shop Cart plugin, you can place or display products on any post or page. If you don’t want to use a shop page, you can simply delete the page created by the plugin and use a simple shortcode to place your product on a post or page. Using a shortcode gives you more flexibility to display your products the way you want to.

First, you will need to create a product. Check How to Add/Create a Product.

Then design the way you want to display the product on a Post or Page where you want to sell the product from. For this example, I will keep it very simple. So I am going to use the following as my product information:

Name: Demo Product (Platform Sandal)
Description: How to place an Add to Cart button
Price: $56.95

Now there are two ways you can place an “add to cart” button.

Option 1: Place the cursor where you want to display the button and click the WP Shop Cart shopping cart icon from the menu and select the product that you would like to add on your post or page.

Option 2: You can manually place a shortcode where you want to display an “Add to cart button”. The shortcode for “Add to cart” button is:

Make sure you replace ‘PRODUCT-ID’ with the actual product id of the product that you are selling in my case it’s 21. So I am going to add the following text:

The complete product display will look like the below:

Displaying products on a post or page: