How to set up Flat Shipping Rate

WP Shop Cart lets you set up flat shipping rate for your products.

Under Flat Shipping Rate, you can do the following:

Set up a Product Specific Flat Shipping Rate for individual products
Apply a Flat Rate regardless the number of Items in the Cart
Apply a Flat Rate for each Individual Product in the Cart

Product Specific Flat Shipping Rate

In a product, when you set the “Shipping required” to “Yes” from the product-specific shipping option, it will allow you to specify a Single and Bundle rate for that product both for local and international shipping.

If you are selling one product only, or similar products that are same size or weight, then you might not need to set up individual shipping rates for your products. You can easily use another option. However, if you are selling mixed products that are different sizes or weights, then you can set up different shipping rates for different products.

Let’s demonstrate this with some examples:

Once your individual shipping costs are updated, go to Shipping from WP Shop Cart’s main menu and select “Flat rate” under shipping methods. Select “Apply Product Specific Shipping Rates for Individual Products” and save.

You can also use two other shipping logics that appear under Flat Shipping Rate if you do not require specifying individual product shipping rate.