How to Setup a Squeeze Type Form for Free Downloads

To set up free downloads for your visitors you will need to add the downloadable file as a product.

Step1: Go to “Add/Edit Products” from WP Shop Cart main menu.

Step 2: Enter a “Product name” and “1” for “Price” value. “Sales Pitch” is optional.

In “Digital Products Details” section upload the downloadable file that you will be offering your visitor to download for free. You can also limit the download or activate auto link expiration or simply leave the field blank and unchecked.

Save the product.

Now You will notice that there is a product appearing in Product List for free downloads. Remember or take down the ID number, you will need it soon.

Product List

You can create a Squeeze type form for Free Downloads on a Post, Page, Sidebar or Footer Widget.

Simply copy the shortcode below in your post, page or widgets where you want to create the Squeeze form for visitors to download files.

Make sure to replace the product id with the actual id of your free download product. For me it is 162 so I will be using


Free download from Post and Sidebar widget.

Free download from post and side bar

To get the free download visitors will need to enter their Names and Email addresses. The plugin captures the details and send them an email with an encrypted download link. Plugin also saves the visitors details for you to use them for future marketing or follow ups